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Saudi Arabia – Ballistic Missiles and Nuclear Weapons, Maybe?

Saudi Arabia - Ballistic Missiles and Nuclear Weapons, Maybe?

Many experts make the point that countries building ballistic missile programs are, for the most part, aiming high with an ultimate goals of nuclear weapons. Evidence points to the Saudi Kingdom, the Crown Prince and a hidden missile program that could mean Saudi Arabia is moving away from US ties. It all started with a missile base deep inside Saudi Arabia that experts are saying is a complex that is manufacturing ballistic missiles, a thought that concerns Washington as the future of Saudi and Iranian relations will be on a slow boil. If the Saudis are building such weapons, it further raises the stakes as these two countries are at war. 

There are now seven proxy skirmishes or wars – 2 hot wars – between the Saudis and Iranians. This battle for leadership in the region will continue as these two titans are now in an arms race. Recently, the Chinese have sold armed drones to Saudi Arabia and if this missile complex in the dessert is real, no one would be surprised if Beijing was the source.

If there is a Saudi program it will only complicate the relationship with Washington. The US is asking Iran to eliminate its ballistic missile program and of course its nuclear program. A Saudi program would make the US argument with Iran regarding its weapons a non-starter as Iran will say it needs missiles to defend itself.

We at Classiarius feel that there will be war in the future – this article makes one think of the destruction and power these two countries now have and are continuing to build both offensive and defensive capabilities. And there is no doubt that they both want to be the number one power of that region. 

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