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Saudi Arabia and Iran – What Happens When They Go Nuclear?

Saudi Arabia and Iran - What Happens When They Go Nuclear?

The are now reports from a wide range of sources that the Saudi Arabian military is building out ballistic missile capabilities that could strike any country in the region. The Saudis are being quiet about the recent tests and facilities that are deep inside the secretive Islamic Police State. The key question would be is just how the Saudis obtained technology to manufacture ballistic missiles that can reach many parts of the Middle East. The evidence now suggests, after a statement by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, that Saudi Arabia is ready to produce nuclear weapons if they do confirm that Iran is doing the same.

Ballistic missiles are for the most part, capable of carrying nuclear warheads that can strike (several launch vehicles) cities with shocking destruction. This puts the United States in a very dangerous position, as it has the Saudis under its security umbrella and is tasked with protecting the House of Saud. The US – Saudi relations were strained with Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi was allegedly killed in a Saudi building in Turkey.

The young Crown Prince is fighting an unpopular war in Yemen, while his Kingdom has 7 proxy wars raging with Iran in the region, 3 of them are hot wars. This discussion of nuclear weapons puts the US and the Crown Prince on course of serious talks. Iran will likely leveraged this issue by taunting Riyadh, the Saudi Capital. According to sources the Saudis bought missile technology from China and is now deploying it.

Saudi Arabia, along with Israel and the United States have all criticized Iran for its threat of ballistic missiles but now the stakes are higher and in the future direct conflict may be an option that these two authoritarian states are forced into.

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