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San Antonio Sees 16,000 Migrants Passing Through – Viewpoints

San Antonio Sees 16,000 Migrants Passing Through - Viewpoints

The Catholic Charities, Travis Park Church and the  San Antonio Food Bank are now struggling to house, feed, and care for the waves of Central American families as the number of those passing through the city of San Antonio have jumped from 2,000 per month to 6,000 per month. The city expects, according to a piece in the Washington Examiner by Anna Giaritelli, more immigrants from Latin America and Central Africa, and these numbers will start to surge. City officials said most of the arrivals are coming from Eagle Pass and Del Rio, Texas, and the migrants must pay for their own bus or van tickets to get from the border towns to San Antonio, the closest major city.

While many Central American families have in mind final destinations, African families are less likely to arrive with clear plans, which means they will be staying in cities of arrival for longer periods of time. The city started its support arrivals 11 weeks ago with the total now at 16,341 and increasing. Catholic Charities said that is has bought 300 tickets for African migrants in a week, with more arriving and buying tickets as of June 9. The group has paid out $346,000 as of June 9, including $60,000 worth of services.

Our View: Of course give assistance in the form of food and shelter to selected numbers of immigrants. The goal is to turn them into Americans, and allow them to live the American dream. Surely the United States is an immigrant country as Germans, French, Italians, Nigerians, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and others from around the globe have arrived on the shores of the country to assimilate and become Americans. Coming to the United States has been allowed with the expectation of becoming American and living the American dream since the 1800s with an acceleration in the 1880s. The founders of top US firms – 41% of the Fortune 500 companies, some of the largest in the world – are immigrants or their children.

However, the key to success in the US has been allowing immigrants to attend the top schools and work at the top firms, and more importantly, build some of the top companies such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America. Immigrants who assimilate are rewarded with citizenship and wealth. Controlled immigration produced Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, Sergey Brin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and millions of other successful Americans, but note that allowing waves of immigrants to cross the border unchecked with no future, is a formula for disaster.



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