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Samsung`s $2,000 Folding Phone is Said To Have Problems After 2 Days

Samsung`s $2,000 Folding Phone is Said To Have Problems After 2 Days

The Galaxy Fold broke after two days but the technology is advanced and will likely be used in other products in the future. The phone introduces the consumer to the future – but it completely broke, making it clear that this is not a product ready for current markets.

The current phones must be strong as consumers are holding on to phones lower, durability is key. As a major supplier of screens, the new technology developed by Samsung will likely be in phones around the globe in the coming years. However, this new product may be too early, and it may need work.

The folding screen is impressive and looks like the older version phones from the early 2000s. The clamshell phone style. When it is closed it looks like two phones stacked on one another. This is not a fully modern phone that doubles as a tablet. These comment are coming from a writing on CNBC news. This phone seems to be perfect for watching movies and reading by the folding part is not as appealing after first glance. The crease and a broken phone – there is a visible crease running down the middle of the folding display.

These are phones given to the press for checks and this one seems to not have passed the test. The technology is strong for the future but for now, there are bugs that must be eliminated. The Galaxy Fold is on the right path but more work needs to be done  to get there.

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