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Samsung Introduces a New Galaxy to Take on iPhone

Samsung Introduces a New Galaxy to Take on iPhone

A new group of Galaxy smartphones were announced on Wednesday.  The lineup includes the pricey Galaxy S10e, Galaxy 10, and others that are set up to take on the iPhone. These phones are being launched in a world where consumers have shown that they are somewhat reluctant to spend up to $1,000 for a new phone. For this reason, Samsung is taking a new road, as it offers a phone at $749.

We at Classiarius sent out a warning about China late last year and earlier this year. The sales of autos, phones and other consumer driven products were starting to fade. Apple warned that its sales of iPhones were lower, and that the China market was in fact slowing down. So the market seems to have two problems now with one being a $1,000 phone may not move off the shelves, while the other is a global economic slowdown could be around the corner. Apple and Samsung are both preparing for this. Still, it seems that Galaxy is introducing a high end model with “undisclosed” for the price tag.

This new phone is called the Galaxy S10 5G and will launch on the Verizon exclusive platform, then add AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile later in the second quarter. This new phone will have added speed and other features such as a 6.7 inch screen. These phones will have an option of a 12GB of RAM option with allows it to download a large library of movies.

Finally, Samsung also introduced a foldable phone you can buy at $1,980 which seems to introduce a new type of phone. Consumers are now looking for innovative new features to justify the price increases. There are more reports in the tech press that point to Huawei as a low cost provider of phones, thus challenging both Samsung and Apple in many areas of this industry.

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