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Rocket Man Elon Musk, Full of Surprises !

Rocket Man Elon Musk, Full of Surprises !

Elon Musk builds toys, lots of toys that are expensive and dangerous. He is said to have, in his early years, bought the rights to NASA rocket technology from the 1950s, upgraded it and sold it back to NASA for a 1.5 billion dollar profit. This according to experts was a win-win for both parties as the four rocket motors with 3,000 parts were redesigned to only 300 parts, saving NASA billions and giving the young Musk a foothold into the US space industry. He then went on to build his own rockets, motors and even a resupply ship that brings bulk payloads to the International Space Station. This cargo system is key as it replaces the Space Shuttle – think about it, a private company replacing US government system.Musk can achieve these goals as he is the true Rocket Man.

Some of these stories are legends or urban myths I suppose but the fact is that Elon Musk is determined to change the way humans move from one place to the other through high speed tunnels, in cars and trucks and into space. The danger of sending someone to space is the most difficult of all. The current rockets the Musk is designing while looking skyward will change the way we move in 50 years. He dreams of rockst that run on nuclear fusion and airplanes that can fly to Mars and back. Why not? He is the Rocket Man.

Mr Musk has said many times that he can put cargo and a human into space much cheaper and in more reliable transport systems than any other private company. He is surely more efficient than any government in doing so, but that is the reason the US government is turning these systems over to the private sector anyway, right? Elon Musk, the Rocket Man is the first, and for now, the best.

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