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Robots, Robots, Robots – Everywhere in Japan for 2020 Olympics

North and South Korea - New Railway Line

The new army of robots that are being produced by Japanese robot markets, the world leaders in this field, are now running hotels, answering questions and even shaking hands with visitors. One robot that is not designed for practical purposes is just there to communicate and be loved. Pepper, Asimo, and even human like robots that sometimes are too much like a human in appearance. There is a giant robot called Unicorn Gundam in Odaiba, a fashionable area just over the massive Rainbow Bridge. Google Unicorn Gundam please, a universe of exceptional ideas about robots.

There are a growing number of showrooms and museums that feature drones, companion robots and more recently there are fighting robots with competitions that are televised on the larger Japanese networks. One show that promotes lifelike robots has creepy humanoids with the sentence “Man + Woman + Robot = Future” as part of its promotional presentation.

Based on a 1970 animation, the Unicorn Gundam is an upgrade that stands 19.7 meters tall, which is the size of a 5 story building and has a series of lights on its arms and legs. Giant robots, robots that do laundry and even robots that bring luggage to rooms for hotel guests are all being developed and are coming on line here in Japan.

Japan will feature hundreds  of new robots for the 2020 Olympics. Finally, have a look at the Miriakan National Science Museum in Odaiba, as it presents views of the future for robotics.

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