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Robot Does Laundry in Tokyo – New Start-up Idea

Robot Does Laundry in Tokyo - New Start-up Idea

This is one of the most useful robots designed in human history. It is a robot that is controlled remotely that can do most duties in the laundry room, allowing an owner to make it work while out of the house. The new service is called Ugo, and it addresses the privacy issue and high costs. We do not like others touching out laundry but if it were a robot, who really cares and who would not buy such a loyal and hard working assistant that never complains.

The math makes sense to as a robot would cause about ¥20,000 to ¥25,000 per month as a worker coming to your home would cost ¥50,000 per month or more. This is a big price difference and of course would make the product easy to buy for homemakers who want to get out and work. Think about robots cleaning and cooking, as it gives couples more freedom to work and educate children. 

The two-armed robot weighs 72 kilograms and is adjustable from 110 centimeters to 180 centimeters tall. The robot that this new start-up presented in Japan carried out three processes – coming clothes from washers, hanging them up to dry and then folding them. This was something new for the public. Mira Robotics will conduct tests of this new robot in August 2019 and take it public in 2020. This will be a game changer for the future of workers as Mr Abe has promised to allow women more access to the jobs market. 

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