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Rep Tulsi Gabbard Questions Impeachment

Trump issuing Cuts to National Security 2

The Hawaii representative, Tulsi Gabbard has raised questions about the impeachment process by saying that it could backfire and actually aid President Trump in reelection. “We all know that Trump is not going to be found guilty and removed from office by the US Senate. Its not going to happen,” said Ms Gabbard. Now anti-Trump social media activists have attacked both Yang and Gabbard for questioning the Democratic Party and their impeachment efforts.

The Far Left Twitter attacks on these two candidates are not damaging their ability to raise funds as Yang has raised $16.5 million while Gabbard has raised $3.4 million in the 4th quarter. Kamala Harris, Julian Castro and several other candidates have failed to raise enough funds and have dropped out of the race. Corey Booker has recently complained about the outcome of the debates and seems upset about the choice of the people. The impeachment process will continue but forcing Trump out of office will be difficult.

Final Note: Corey Booker has complained that the system is unfair, or in fact that the people choosing the current candidates is flawed. He insists that a person of color should be on stage to insure diversity. Sure, we all embrace diversity but if the millions of diverse Americans select a candidate, this is the will of the people. The system is in fact fair as the will of the people is important.



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