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Putin`s Purge and Imprisonment of Russia`s Elites

Putin`s Purge and Imprisonment of Russia`s Elites

When Stalin was alive, there is a purge in Russia in which the high-level or elites come under attack, and after reading them their rights, they are taken to prison – justice Russian style. However  the Stalin years were so horrific that the Russian people have never followed that path since. But Putin does things differently. 

In March Mr Viktor Ishayev, a former Far East minister and ex-governor of Russia`s Khabarovsk region was arrested.  The arrests of the higher placed government leaders has put the elites in the country on notice, so it is important to watch your back. 

One former economic development minister, Alexei Ulyukayev, is currently serving an eight-year prison sentence. And Vyacheslav Gaizer, the former head of the Komi Republic is now on trial for and faces up to 21 years in jail. The idea of high-level purges in Russia is frightening as the people clearly to reject the old Soviet style that Stalin used. The Russian people have had enough of purges. However, recently Putin does seem to have just a little bit of the old Joseph Stalin charm. 

Now we cannot pretend that the current Russia is anything like the Stalin and his Socialist years of brutal control of the people. But recently,  the selective repression has become harsher. But Putin is no nonsense in that he demands the best from his governors in terms of getting things done in the regions. If they miss targets for the economy they are sacked, if the start talking politics they are sacked as well. 

The newcomers are concerned and it seems that this is by design – Putin wants them to follow orders and keep their geographical regions safe and secure, so not to much focus on politics. Putin is very much in command of the Kremlin and the regional areas of Russia. 

He will be in charge for decades to come, just like other successful Russian leaders. Keep in mind that the Russian people respect a strong leader so when Stalin died in 1953, there were lines of people waiting for days to see his body before he was laid to rest. 

We view Putin as a strong but more modern and decent leader.

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