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Putin, Electronic War and GPS Shocks !!

Putin, Electronic War and GPS Shocks !!

US researchers at a Washington have have discovered an interesting and somewhat disturbing phenomenon. Each time President Vladimir Putin enters a harbor the GPS systems of the entire area goes into a numbers panic and the result is that ships in the harbor find that they are miles away, some even inland placed on airport runways. The Russian security services clearly protect Mr Putin in many interesting ways. 

According to a new report, these security services are able to shock and disorientate GPS systems with a mobile device that clearly is more powerful than previously thought. Security expert C4ADS has published said report according to sources. 

The reports that we see are all agreeing that the Russian government knows that it is falling far behind in military spending. The US spends about $650 billion per year while Russia spends about one-tenth that amount at $60 billion.

They now employ massive amounts of electronic devices that seem to be built on the back of the historically strong Soviet and Russian space program – in the 1960s to 1980s they build massive rockets and space stations that were state-of-the art, sometimes far exceeding the product of the United States. 

The Kremlin has clearly worked to disrupt the advantage that the West now has in Air Force and the ability to deploy troops around the world with airlifts. Also the Russian Navy has fallen behind the US – electronic warfare is now bringing the difference a more manageable level. 

US military leadership has complained that in Ukraine and Syria Russia has jammed and disrupted US technology and the US government is now addressing this issue. Russia  can jam radio, radar and GPS signals that frustrate those on the ground who are engaging their Russian counterparts. 

Drones that fly near Putin, in theory, shut down and fall from the sky but the question is just how close they get to the leader who fears being hit by a drone.

The drone threat is real, as Venezuelan President Maduro learned in 2018 when a drone, armed with an explosive device landed an exploded very near him as he was walking to his motorcade. Maduro survived the attempt but was clearly shaken up. 

More on this topic in coming weeks

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