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Prime Minister Abe Places “Cap” in New Visas – Foreign Workers

Prime Minister Abe Places "Cap" in New Visas - Foreign Workers


In a recent audiovisual presentation we mentioned a new and improved system developed by the Japanese to support key labor-shortage prone sectors in Japan by bringing in temporary workers and applying new technologies – robots – to build a better society. The Japanese have and always will reject overseas worker who come to this island nation to settle down – on a large scale that is. There are some who come and stay on a specific and individual basis.

This week, the Justice Minister of the Japanese was brought before the Japanese Diet and given a verbal lashing as Diet members, representing the Japanese people needed assurance that crime and terrorism would not be the result of waves of new workers coming to Japan. They also pointed out that waves of migrants could result in a string on the social security system and health care system – systems they are protecting for Japanese citizens who pay taxes. The Japanese government is protecting their citizens. 

Undet the new proposal by PM Abe, the Japanese government will allow the inflow of 260,000 to 340,000 workers from fiscal 2019 to 2023 – again this is just a proposal now that will support industries in Japan that need overseas help. Industries such has retail, construction and healthcare. In the US, there were millions of young workers allowed into the country to support new industries and the result was some unwanted people that had no interest in working. This is the same for the UK, Australia, Canada and Germany, some people come as economic refugees and live on state welfare systems for decades, not contributing to the system. Japan never suffers from this problem. The view is to work or leave from the population. 

In 2019 alone there will be a shortfall of workers to the tune of 600,000 which will be offset to a small degree by the 33,000 to 47,000 workers earmarked to enter the country according to Kyodo News Service. Japan is an immigration-averse country that could change some but not a lot. Note that Japanese when pressed about immigration point to the number of attacks since 2015 in Germany, France, and the UK that, from the Japanese standpoint, could have been avoided. 

Japanese news is surely not fake news so when an attack takes place on a bridge, at a concert or an outdoor event in which 12 to 150 of the citizens of Germany, France or the UK are killed, these Japanese citizens have all the information, all the details as they insist that the government and the population is fully educated. It is, in their view, the government`s job to protect its citizens. And Japanese quickly point out that European countries must do their job, protecting their citizens is very important. 

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