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President Trump and President Xi – Confrontation, China Plays the Long Game

President Trump and President Xi - Confrontation, China Plays the Long Game

Most people are unfamiliar with the significance of the upcoming meeting in Argentina between President Trump of the US and President Xi of China. This is because few people understand the changing position of the United States in the world, as it moves from the key operator in the global management business to a country that will select its trading partners and design individual trade treaties that reflect the needs of only two nations, the US and its partner. The multilateral globalist system turns into the “each nation for itself” system, the new system outlined in Ian Bremmer`s book, GZero.

Less obvious is the big man politics that will be showcased at the G20 meeting. Despite the main stream media attacks on President Trump, a democratically elected leader who must run for election in 2020, the powerful alpha male at the conference will be Xi, the man put in place by the Communist Party in China, who then jailed 1,500,000 local officials and business leaders before he declared that he was president-for-life. Note the the Chinese system has one very interesting perk for the Leader of the Communist Party, that is the military does not report to the government but the Party Leader. Yes, he has his own army, one of the largest in the world.

Why is this important? Well President Xi is by no means afraid of anything that Trump says. Sure, the Trump Administration can damage the Chinese economy and possibly tip it over into recession but it is important to note that President Xi is playing the long game. He is focused on the expansion of Chinese influence over the next 20 years in the South China Sea and realizes that avoiding confrontation with the US now, is only going to make China stronger in the future. He might make some trade concessions to buy time, but he is thinking about winning a war, not a battle.

Statistics show that by 2023, China will surpass the United States in GDP – it will become the #1 economy in the world.

End of an Era …. here comes a bold and powerful China.

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