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President Macron of France Opens Debate to Calm “Yellow Vest” Protests – Democracy Lives !

President Macron of France Opens Debate to Calm "Yellow Vest" Protests - Democracy Lives !

The list of grievances that the “yellow vests” have protested against has gown and President Macron has penned a 2,330-word open letter that puts all discussions on the table and for an open debate to hammer out solutions. He is now addressing real issues that seem to touch on the core issues that sparked the riots that have continued for over 2 months in Paris and other major cities in the republic.

French President Emmanuel Macron launched a three-month nationwide debate on Monday, after tens of thousands of anti-government protesters clashed with riot police. This grassroots uprising has turned violent as some protesters have attacked police and even taken their weapons – so the number of armed protesters has risen. The original fuel tax hike inspired the protests but they have now morphed into a series of deeper and more meaningful attacks on the government and its position on ignoring the middle class – the old have been taxed as well.

Right now, the young President has come under fire as the protests have been aimed at him, rather than the issues at hand.

The euro zone`s second largest economy has been shaken by the non-stop protests in the streets of Paris and other major cities – now with four central themes on its core. And the President has promised to cover them: taxation, the organization of public spending savings, bureaucratic procedures and citizenship and democracy. He has asked citizens to give views on these key talking points for a national and robust debate.

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