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Pompeo Meets With Kim – Tight Security Prohibits Bodyguard from Carrying Weapon

Pompeo Meets With Kim - Tight Security Prohibits Bodyguard from Carrying Weapon

On his 4th visit to North Korea, Secretary of State Pompeo has said that there are many steps to a final solution regarding the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. We may need to wait for more information but the talks are said to be upbeat and moving forward, slowly forward but forward all the same. The focus is now on Kim Jong-un and his regime, a young leader who is clearly more worldly than his father and grandfather. Note that the young Kim studied in Switzerland and has been an agent of change in the past 7 years since his father, Kim Jong-il passed away. 

Talks now are follow-up from the Singapore Summit, with a view to secure more lines of communication and a second summit. 

Pampeo called the talks “productive and wonderful” as more lines of communication are being opened between the US and North Korea. Bear in mind that North Korea, has many times in the past, participated in a series of meetings only to pull out in the final moments before a landmark deal was to be signed. This meeting, still, like ones in the past, had some interesting twists. Mr Pompeo was not allowed to use his preferred translator and his body guard was not allowed to have his pistol with him in the meeting. 

Pongyang will surely make Mr Pompeo fight for every small detail in the talks but again, these talks are moving forward and to secure a deal on nuclear weapons will take years. North Korea will ask for more concessions. But we must keep in mind that the short-term goal is to secure a second summit between Mr Kim and President Trump, with the long-term goal being the dismantling of nuclear weapons on the peninsula. 

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