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Policing the Young Minds in Our Society – Is This Cultural Suicide?

Policing the Young Minds in Our Society - Is This Cultural Suicide? 1

This is a time in our society when the youth, those between 15 and 32 years of age, are exploding with ideas, while at the same time being forced to challenge each other with new concepts and innovation. However, these fresh and productive minds are now being shut down by activists who show displeasure on the internet, some say only 8 percent of society are such activists, which then forces the internet to police ideas. Some of these new minds are aggressive and smart, ready to challenge and even start new businesses and make social change. However, there reputations and nascent careers can be shut down over night. There are those who are publishing books, writing articles but have seen their voices silenced – they are attacked by this 8 percent of society, and fade away in the name of political correctness.

There is a world of the Young Adult publishing, an example in which a book written by fantasy writer Kiera Drake entitled The Continent was attacked for its allegedly racist portrayal of Native Americans, so the novel was rewritten on the advice of sensitivity readers. Also, there was the story of Amelie Zhao who wrote her debut novel about medieval Russia but was denounced and belittled on line because she was not sensitive when using examples of slavery and could hurt the feelings of those who may be offended in the US. She rewrote her book and thanked her persecutors. The current policing of the minds of the young will likely change society.

We here in Asia have a base freedom of speech that does not exist in the US, Canada, and Europe anymore – we can read books, however offensive without the fear of being attacked on the internet. We can enjoy books about any subject, we can watch the evening news with facts about the Middle East, Asia and the US that would never be allowed to appear on TV or in newspapers in New York or London. We suggest that all countries engage in open minded debates and allow culture to prosper.

Imagine if Martin Luther King had not been allowed to speak and write his ideas back in the 1960 in the US? Surely it would have impeded social change.

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