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Pigs are Killed in China, Swine Fever – Outbreaks in Asia

Pigs are Killed in China, Swine Fever - Outbreaks in Asia

We recently reported that Japan was seeing a new wave of swine fever – as a result of this outbreak over 6,600 pigs were culled in the past week in several prefectures in the Osaka and Kyoto areas, in western Japan. However, now there are reports of swine fever coming out of China. The Chinese government has reported African swine fever that is not threatening its very important port industry. This is a massive industry as it is a cheap way for feeding a nation a 1.3 billion people.

According to The Associated Press, China`s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs reported on Friday that the disease has been detected on a farm in Yongzhou in the central province of Hunan. In this area, 4,600 pigs were being raised. Although only 171 pigs have died, about 270 were found sick. Ministry regulations require all pigs on an affected farm must be culled and disposed of in an area of that is quarantined and has been decontaminated. In August last year, over 1 million pigs were killed prompting restrictions on the 700 million remaining pigs.

According to reports the supplies of pork in China have been disrupted, and since it is a staple meat that so many rely on, the costs are high for the industry and for the public. Currently, the rising food costs in China are attributed to the US tariffs on China, so the recent swine fever outbreak is going to trigger much higher costs at the stores and restaurants in Beijing and Shanghai.

There is fear that the outbreak has spread to over 20 provinces across China.

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