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Paris – Violence, Riots and May Day Protests 2019

Paris - Violence, Riots and May Day Protests 2019

Many people on the streets of Paris on Wednesday were marching peacefully but a large group of people from the Anarchist Group, Black Blocs which are anti-establishment and anti-globalist and the Yellow Vests who have been protesting on the streets since November, took over the protests and started turning over cars and setting fires – the scenes were chaotic.

Even a massive police presence was not enough to calm the protestors down and the battles started across Paris and other major cities in France. The problem has been proven to be that when Emmanuel Macron ran and won 2 years ago, he broke down the center-left and center-right power bases and as a result, it weakened the key institutions between the President and the people, and battles have erupted as a result.

Many in France are being crushed under the weight of taxes and as pensions fall, the retired middle class has no money left for taking care of their future. This is driving protestors to reject the plans by President Macron. The three months of town hall meetings between Macron and the people have not worked.

Regardless of the current views that both the right and left are voicing, the protestors are surely united on one point – they dislike and reject the economic policies that have been embraced by Macron and his team. And note that these protestors have been facing the police with the view that they can be violent, as they reject all forms of government control. Now, some protestors are saying that the violence was necessary to force the government to give more to the people. Now 17 billion US dollars in new social benefits have been provided by the government, again on the back of the violence. 




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