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On Line Behavior, Trust, and Bots – You are Being Watched

On Line Behavior, Trust, and Bots - You are Being Watched 1

What is your Trust Score? Others know but you will never know. Keep reading. 

Each time you log onto your computer, your information about what you see, what you shoes your order and what take out food you are eating for dinner are all monitored and placed in a scoring system that will eventually decide if you are a risk to society, a normal personal or just a bot. This system is used by many retailers and others with malicious intent – it is called your Sift Score. While using 16,000 signals that you turn over to the system, unknowingly, it will give you a grad of 1 t0 100. 

And you will never know your score – it is not giving to the public, even the target. This makes it easy to understand why so many people distrust the large social media firms. One example is after close observation, one of our partners has, in his travels around the US, noticed in increase of open hostility toward Facebook. It has an image problem in some areas of the public. 

But back to the Sift Score. It has so much data planted in it that many security organizations are interested as it could predict the movement of bad actors, those harmful to society. This Sift system does not have a file with your name on it but it does know everything about you and is capable enough to label you a person who can be trusted or now. Really, it has an opinion about your character as a person. And according to the system, the risk score can change depending on your behavior. 

According to the Sift team, this system can tell if someone is to be trusted in the airline industry as Sift tells the airline if that purchaser is a scammer or just an honest citizen. 

The system will be in the news in the coming months as it is being used to smooth out risk on all sorts of businesses around the globe. 

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