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Obstruction of Nothing

Obstruction of Nothing

During his long and well documented career, Mr Robert Mueller is known as a professional who digs deep, finds facts and reports just that, the facts in their purist form. The special counsel makes it clear over the 488 page report that he drilled down deeply and focused on every aspect of Trump and his people ovder two years, and found nothing.

The people may not like the conclusions but they asked a focused special counsel  to look for collusion and obstruction. But Trump and his campaign did not collude with the Russians nor did he obstruct justice, there is no evidence of these two pieces of the puzzle – there was nothing to prosecute, nothing at all. 

Mr Mueller and his small army of prosecutors and top investigators drilled down in interviews, phone records and meetings, but what did they get? They learned that the Russians, like they have in the past, put pressure on US society to confuse the public, to conduct non-stop, 24/7 psychological warfare using social media by opening thousand of accounts and working on the soft minds the US college kids and Hollywood thought leaders – producers, directors and actors. Of course the Russians attacked all of American society.

Keep in mind that there were 200 pages dedicated to the Russians and their actions in the US. And they were very active indeed.

The Russians did contact Trump and his team on several occasions but Trump and his team refused support, so in the end it was a witch hunt and there is no evidence that the President and  his team were on the wrong side the law. 

There was no underlying crime so there was no obstruction, it is as simple as that. Now let’s move on and let the President do his job. 

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