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Obama Warns Democrats – Circular Firing Squad Destroys Party

A new Gallup poll shows that Democrats favor Socialism, but it is Post-Modernism and Identity Politics that is tearing the party apart. Keep watching. 

– 57% of Democrats view Socialism positively, unchanged from 2010

– Americans ages 18 to 29, 51% are positive about Socialism, while 45% are positive about Capitalism

The new Democratic Party is starting to transform into a colder and more aggressive party of powerful youth who have one key goal – to rid the party of the old guard as it puts emphasis a Far Left platform and of course, Bernie Sanders, giving him a second chance at the Presidency. 

The Democrats have moved so far left on the political spectrum, Bernie, in some ways seems to be just another candidate. 

But their will be challenges as the New Democrats, the freshmen in Congress, want power and they want it now so they can inject the Socialist ideas of equity, social justice and equality of outcome. 

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden are all targets as they do not embrace the Socialist Economic Philosophy that is now championed by the younger members of the party who have made it clear that Bernie is their man for 2020.

Some say Democrat Presidential front-runner (not formally running as yet), Joe Biden is being subverted by the freshmen to ensure that Bernie Sanders gets his shot. Many Far Left Progressives see Bernie Sanders getting revenge after taking the fall for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primaries. 

Remember, Bernie and his wife spent their honeymoon in Soviet Russia when the Soviet Union was still the leader of the Socialist World. 

However, this Progressive and Far Left orthodoxy  values small groups of activists who sometimes view each other as the enemy. And in their world some groups are more oppressed than others. 

Even former President Obama warned that the Democrats are now forming a circular firing squad, and aiming at each other. The Democrats have clearly decided that Gays and White Americans are targets in at out of the party. 


This current generation of millennials  only know social media, and feel that this divisive tool is the perfect weapon for groups to take down others. And it is the toxic nature of social media behavior that is triggering a mini-war for power within the Party. 

The evidence from recent surveys are shocking.

A majority of Americans have positive feelings toward Apple 54%, Google 63% an Amazon 65% but with regards to social media the numbers collapse. 

But those that have positive feelings about Twitter are only 24% while Facebook has the positive support of the population at 36% – and falling. Now 69% of all Americans use social media at least once a day, but they now feel, 55% of Americans, that these platforms spread lies and falsehood. More importantly, 57% say that these platforms divide us, and 61% say these social media  spread attacks and rumors. 

Despite the over 50 recent of youth embracing Socialism in the 18 to 29 year old age group, social media group think and Postmodern group hierarchies just may trigger and internal war in the Democrat Party.




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