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North Korean Missile Threat to Japan and the US West Coast – Report

North Korean Missile Threat to Japan and the US West Coast - Report

A US think tank says it has uncovered 13 of an estimated 20 North Korean missile bases that are housing short range missiles that are a direct threat to Tokyo, according to sources. Some of these missiles are said to be ICBMs (or ballistic) missiles that can reach Japan as well as US cities of Honolulu, Seattle and Los Angles. This helps explain the seriousness of US and Japanese joint operations to keep North Korea in check. Apparently the US and North Korea are discussing a second summit in 2019. 

According to this think tank, the missile locations are speed throughout North Korea and are in mountains and valley – as you know, this country is mountainous and has hundreds of locations that by the nature of the topography are difficult to find. 

Kim Eui-kyeom, a spokesman for the Presidential Blue House (the Koreans prize the color blue in their 2,000 year tradition), in South Korea, said that the South Koreans and US governments are closely watching for any changes in military operations in North Korea an as of now, there are few changes to speak report. 

The topic for the June meeting in Singapore between the US and North Korea was to change the mind of Kim Jong-un with regards to missiles and his nuclear program that seems to be a non-stop build out for over 20 years. The US and Japan want a verifiable reduction in technology development and installations that threaten peace in the region. For the US, the fear is a new arms race in the region that seems a massive increase in military budgets and more specific, the growing fear of confrontation in the South China Sea. 

Some Japanese experts have suggested that the US and North Korea take small steps in a reciprocal manner to reduce weapons. However, the US is instating that North Korea scrap the entire nuclear program and all threats related to it before talks start. From the US, the reduction of the treat to Japan, South Korea and the US to zero is the path for peace. 

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