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New York Borough – Measles, Viral Scares and Fear

New York Borough - Measles, Viral Scares and Fear

We have lived in a world in the West that, after vaccinations in the 1960s and 70s, was free of most diseases that damaged societies throughout the 191os to 30s – keep in mind that the Spanish flu of 1917 was said to have killed 600,000 Americans and another 20 million worldwide. So we thought those days were over but in recent weeks, there has been a surprise of measles in the New York area. The area of East Williamsburg has triggered and official public health emergency. 

One reason that there are recent outbreaks in the US is that there are a growing number of “anti-vaxxers” who have become convinced that vaccines cause a wide range of sicknesses that could cause problems with a child’s mental development. The fear of autism has been spread in markets, starting from the UK in the 1990s, and as a result the hipsters and some religions have started to reject child protection. In some schools, parents are forced to have children go through certain tests, exams and shots for entrance. 

Children who get measles, have high fever, are in constant pain and have trouble looking at light, apparently bright lights give them headaches. The US completely eliminated measles in 2000 but the new strains are coming from abroad and with some people not protecting children, they are first to contract this sickness. There have been some religious groups who have not protected their children but note that religious leaders are quick to point out that religious beliefs are not preventing shots and medicines. 

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