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NATO Falls Apart – But Not Because of Trump – Classiarius Explains

The main stream media talks about two things in the United States – Donald Trump and things related to Donald Trump. The Left-leaning media have religiously worked to tie President Trump to hurricanes and other natural disasters, poor public health in New York City, and a nuclear conflict with North Korea that actually did not take place. The next eruption of a volcano on a remote pacific island will have his name attached, especially if there is loss of life – trust us its coming.

The media make claims that he is now responsible for the destruction of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the post-WWII military alliance that have been looking for a new position in a changing world. Then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was quick to point out in a speech in 2011, that the power shift in Europe was not pivoting to Asia. And the “big pivot” as it was often used in the Obama Administration as the US, in reduction mode of military bases in Europe – there were over 300 at the height of the cold war – frantically reduced its military strength in Europe to build new bases in Thailand, Australia, and other countries in the Indian and Pacific Oceans to answer the expansion of China. The Obama Administration announced it in the voice of Hillary Clinton in 2011, and Trump is not the initiator? This does not make sense. Study the history.

NATO was the pillar of security during the Cold War, serving as a counter balance to the powerful Soviet Union. The Soviet Union maintained over 300 military bases in Eastern Europe, in countries like Poland, Romania, Hungry, and a number of other countries. However, when the Soviet Union fell in 1991, its 15 republics with 280,000,000 citizens broke apart, leaving Russia and its leader, President Vladimir Putin with only 145,000,000 citizens and a military that is only a fraction of the powerful Soviet Force. Furthermore, Poland, Hungry and Romania all switched sides and wormed up to the West, the US and her allies. In short, the massive Soviet threat vanished and NATO was looking for a new purpose in life. This was confirmed when the NATO members realized – over the past 20 years – that there was no need to spend money on a threat that does not exist or has been drastically diminished.

France, Germany and most of Western Europe does not need NATO nor the US presence in Europe. The US currently has 85 military bases in Germany, all built as defensive bases to stop the invasion from the east, from the Soviet Union. So we can expect whether Trump is President or not, the bases will eventually disappear.

As you know we look at things differently here at Classiarius. Imagine Germany, now spending 1.6% of its GDP on its military, having a political shock of US bases leaving. What happens to military spending, only 1.6% of GDP when the US has gone? Germany will spend 3%, 6% or more on its military as they need to protect themselves from external threats. The UK, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium and others might ask the US to stay in Europe, right? Why? because after its behavior in the past 100 years, can Germany be trusted without a policeman watching over the country?

We at Classiarius think war is coming in Europe. It will start once the US has packed up and walked away from NATO.

Final Note. This is much bigger than Trump. Why do you think that PM Macron of France is calling for a European army? Well, here is a hint. Every organization before and after WWII, including the EU and all the treaties on industry, were designed to water down and weaken the strength of Germany. So if France does not get a European Army, they will be looking at a German Army that dwarfs theirs and the rest of Europe.

Think about the future of Europe, long after Trump is gone……

Team Classiarius



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