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NATO Battles Within, Trump and Macron

Europe - Brexit and Sterling, Inversion and Italy

After continued pressure from the US President Trump, some members of NATO are now opening their wallets and paying their share – or at least increasing their payments. And as the NATO group gathered in London this week to celebrate 70 years, the US President Donald Trump and the French President Emmanuel Macron, started and exchange of harsh words. Trump has suggested that he will start to place tariffs on French made goods, a comment that sent designer stocks much lower on December 4th. NATO surely has problems as some members are losing interest. This does make sense as NATO was designed in 1945 to face off the threat of the Soviet Union, but the Reds collapsed in 1991 and since then, the members of the military union have been looking for a new purpose. In a recent interview French President Macron said that NATO was dead, “Brain Dead” to be exact.

It is important to note that Mr Macro has been promoting his name as a new leader of Europe, especially since Chancellor Angela Merkel has faded out from the political stage. Of course, the rise of China as a new super power may have some impact on the future of NATO as the US President suggested today that there will be a global view for its members in the future. NATO Forces could be deployed to the Middle East in the future, according to sources. However, Mr Macron has suggested that a New European Army might be better with France and Germany at its core as the natural leaders. Trump has criticized his NATO allies on several occasions for not honoring their 2.0% of GDP spending target with some members spending on 1.0%.



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