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Nancy Pelosi Drops the Hammer on President Trump, But Consider the Facts – She is Reluctant

Trump Calls Himself The "Chosen One" On China Trade

“The President leaves us no choice but to act,” was the comment by Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday. She was under pressure from the press as one young reporter asked her if she hates the President. The speaker snapped back that she was a good Catholic and does not “hate” people. She went on to say that, “the Presidents actions have seriously violated the Constitution.” The core of this impeachment probe is on the back of a July call with the newly elected President of Ukraine, and questions that were related to Joe Biden and his son, who apparently worked for a gas company at $50,000 per month. Trump and his team were allegedly asking for an investigation of Hunter Biden and his father, with meetings in the Oval Office as negotiating tools as well. Pelosi, now says, “the President has abused his power.”

Two things we would like to point out: The Left leaning press does in fact hate the US President, many people do. Those who are invested in speech control, licensed speech and controlled speech would naturally hate anyone who breaks the thought crime rules or who rejects Political Correctness. More importantly, keep in mind that it is likely that Pelosi does not want an impeachment – she has said this for the past two years. However, there are new members of the Democrat Party that make it clear that they do not like Trump and his family. His wife and children have been under attack on a regular basis. So it might be that Pelosi is under pressure from the new members of Congress who hate men and hate Trump especially.



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