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Mueller Probe – What the Press Refuses to Report !

Mueller Probe - What the Press Refuses to Report !

(why would Robert Mueller take that job, he should have refused it as his job is to investigate crimes)

Robert Mueller, the special counsel that was assigned to hunt down wrongdoing by the Trump campaign, managed a small army of special agents and prosecutors who were working on a deep counter-intelligence project – the mission was to uncover Russian agents who worked with Donald Trump. 

Robert Mueller published this in his report, with regards to Russian spies contacting the Trump campaign, they “did not have the cooperation from Trump or the Trump campaign – or the knowing assistance of any Americans.” No Trump related person nor any American citizen was arrested for colluding with the Russians, no one worked with the Russian spies and got elected. 

But there is one fundament problem with this story. The US FBI and other organizations have counter-intelligence units. They are tasked with chasing down spies in the US and of course find them and shut down their spy operations.

Special counsels are meant to investigate particular crimes, not go fishing for counter intelligence. Robert Mueller was given a job that he should not have taken. In this Mueller case the counter intelligence fishing damaged the lives and careers of many people but it was never meant to do that, it was meant to find Russian spies and their connection with Trump and his campaign. 

And counter intelligence is a job for special units in the FBI, not special counsels.

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