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Move Over American Soy Boys, China’s Men Are Coming

Move Over American Soy Boys, China's Men Are Coming

Although we do not watch TV for general information here at Classiarius, we do study these indoctrination firms that formulate the viewpoints of the average American, just so we can help undo he damage. CNN, Fox? Who would watch that nonsense anyway? 

US mass media promotes the new, cute and never confrontational soy boy who poses as the modern American man in commercials and in movies, you know, the future soft guy who is the butt of all jokes in commercials. These are the new American men of tomorrow – fully trained and equipped for the future. 

China is a nation that eats, drinks and advocates what Americans call, toxic masculinity and this takes us to a school run by Tang Haiyan which is designed to turn boys into men. Mr Tang clearly says he will train boys to be men. “We will tech the children to play golf, go sailing and be equestrians, says Mr Tang, 39, “but we will never cultivate sissies.”

Imagine if the US main stream media did not spend all of its hours 24/7 attacking the US President and reported on views from other countries and societies, and this story got to the public. The outrage of training boys to be men would trigger the entire state of California, and likely shut down Cal-Berkeley for a week. 

Mr Tang founded the Real Boys Club, which has triggered a debate that has stirred worries about military effectiveness, an embrace of traditional culture and roles and general academic performance among boys. 

This school actually sells its product as a counter to “life in a society where androgynous pop idols, overprotective mothers and mostly female teachers would turn them into effeminate crybabies.” 

After 5,000 years of history, a culture that has clearly endured the test of time, why does China not understand how to raise men? Why is China, a Marxist country since 1949 now rejecting Neo-Marxism and educating their young men like they have for 5,000 years? 

Look for our next piece that explains how China will surpass the Untied States in GDP by 2023 to become the next economic super power.

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