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Mexican Police Say Caravan is a Threat to Safety

Mexican Police Say Caravan is a Threat to Safety

The waves of illegal migrants that have traveled across Latin America to Mexican and into the US are now running into road blocks in Mexico. Some towns and cities in Mexico are beginning to stop these caravans as they are now a security threat, according to Mexican police. Municipal authorities in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas have tried to block a caravan of about 2,000  Central American migrants from entering the town of Huixtla – with the focus on safety and a possible threat. The numbers are increasing and this is a growing burden on the local towns and cities.

It is important to note that the Trump White House has been applying pressure to the Mexican leadership with regards to 3rd country migrants who are only passing through Mexico. Under international law, migrants should be given refuge in the first country they visit, so passing through is usually not permitted. Mexico faces the same problem as Greece and Turkey, as it now is filling up with migrants who cannot go to the US nor can they stay in Mexico.

Members of the caravan pushed past police and headed for the town center, despite the authorities guiding them to an area prepared for them. The Huixtla Police told citizens in the town to go inside their homes as the situation was said to be dangerous and a security threat. The town, normally giving warm receptions until recently now has no room or time for  the caravan. This may mean that Trump has now brought the Mexican authorities over to his side in preventing this humanitarian crisis from growing.

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