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Macron`s Agenda Under Attack, 77% of Population Supports Protests

Macron`s Agenda Under Attack, 77% of Population Supports Protests

Emmanuel Macron stepped into office, young and bold, with an agenda to tackle problems that many of his peers were afraid to discuss. He swept aside the traditional parties and took the presidency in a surprise. But as the county prepares for the government announcement on Tuesday that will hash out targets for changing the energy system to make it less dependent on nuclear energy and fossil fuels, some angered protesters have taken to the streets. This protest, organized through social media features the citizens walking the streets with yellow jackets or vests (safety jackets motorists use when they need help), and burning tiers and ripping up cobblestones on the Champs-Elyees. In addition to the change in policy on fuel, he is also approaching the new policy to overhaul the country’s retirement system. Something tells us that there will be a lot of protests in France in 2019. 

Waves of protesters walked near the president`s Elysee Palace on Saturday chanting “Macron Resign!” Demonstrations started last week, organized on social media that resulted in 300,000 protesters walking the streets and setting up over 200 roadblocks around the city. One poll said that 77 percent of the public supports the the protesters. Another poll said the number was more like 70 percent. 

Some of his unpopular policies have hit him hard as Mr Marcon sees his approval rating fall below 30 recently. However, he is now in a good spot as he cannot be voted out of office until 2022. For now, he is in control of his destiny. 

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