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Macron and the People – Last Chance

French PM Macron Needs to Understand the People

The national debate in France is now on the table as the angered protestors are taking the advice of President Macron engaging. The President and his team are now launching a series of public talks that are aimed to be a “great national debate” that aims to defuse the months of protests from the center and center right of the general population. Annie Vidal, an MP for Emmanuel Macron`s Republique en Marche Party, is now working to launch more meetings and debates. At least Mr Macron understands that he must face the people and encourage open dialogue. 

One protester said, “It is his last chance to reconcile with the people. The French int to express themselves.” A country with a long tradition of public speaking and debate, all brought on by the French Revolution, it is in the DNA of the people to express themselves in public debate – freedom of speech is in their blood. This seems to be, in our view at Classiarius, that the people are angry about giving their tax money and their cultural identity to the waves of immigrants coming to Paris. They are saying they have had enough.

Some say Mr Macron has regained confidence and is now ready to engage the people, much like he did during his campaign and over the period of the elections. To date, there were 6,000 meetings scheduled and 2,500 held. The debate started in January and by March 15, it will be half finished. Surely Mr Macron wants to engage the people and make change where needed. Now the most important point about the protests is not the daily street confrontations with the police but the short-term versus long-term view of the situation. Some political writers are saying that this is a much deeper issue in that the people are saying that they want to government to change the way is governs. Taxpayers are venting their frustration and expect to be heard. It seems that Mr Macron has moved forward but there is a lot of work to be done. More on this topic in the coming weeks. 

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