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Low-Noise, Zero-Emissions – Hydrogen-Powered Trains in Germany

Low-Noise, Zero-Emissions - Hydrogen-Powered Trains in Germany 1

There is the risk of focusing on cryptocurrency or blockchain technology when the market is providing is with interesting stories on German train technology. The World`s first hydrogen-powered train entered service in Germany, in the Lower Saxony area today. This train, the Alstom Coradia iLint employs fuel cells that turn hydrogen and oxygen into electricity and can travel 140 kilometers per hour with little noise and no damage to the environment – it is clear and efficient. According to the European railway manufacturer, Alstom, this train is the very first hydrogen fuel cell train.

There will be two models of the low-noise, zero-emission train that will enter service – and will be refueled by a mobile hydrogen filling station – traveling about 100 kilometers on line between Bremerhaven, Bremervorde and Buxtehude. Lower Saxony`s Minister of Economy and Transport, Bernd Althusmann, said that the Coradia is emission-free and that this technology will provide climate-friendly alternatives to conventional diesel trains, on the non-electrified lines. The European Commission has described hydrogen as an energy carrier with great potential for clean transportation (again paraphrased).

One important feature of this technology is the speed at which the train can travel – 140 kilometers per hour. And the management team at Alstom is excited as it said that this train is now ready for mass production. One would think that the initial costs will be high, but as economies of scale start to take hold, this technology will start to become cost-effective.

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