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Joe Biden Runs – Will The Democrat Youth Take Him Down?

Joe Biden Runs - Will The Democrat Youth Take Him Down?

Former Vice President Joe Biden has now moved into the mainstream with the 2020 election campaign in focus. He has overcome several attacks,  one of which was touching women, in view of reporters and the general public. Some of the people he has hired have extensive experience with the Obama election and surely they are senior enough to ensure that Biden has a solid foundation as he leads the Democrats now – well ahead of Harris and O`Rouke. Some of the aides that are working with Biden have worked with both Obama and Clinton and therefore are the right people for the job. The official announcement will likely come next week according to NBC. He is a big supporter of AOC and the other youth in the Party but will their identity politics accept him for who he is?

A formal announcement would end months of speculation as Biden said last month that a decision was all but a f0rmality. “My intention from the beginning was if I were to run would be the last person to announce,” said Biden in an interview. He went on to say that he will find out if he can win a primary. During the 2008 elections, Biden and Obama found that they were on the same page many times which seemed to be the reason they performed so well as a team in the White House.

Biden has the ground in the center of the Democrat Party and will surely get support from the business world of the Democrats as the youth have pulled the party far left. Even Bernie Sanders looks like a centrist. Biden campaigned aggressively for Democratic candidates in 2018 as he said they were fighting for the soul of America. But note that it is the very youth that he worked for, the freshmen that he helped get into Congress that might turn out to be his enemy. This means trouble for Biden.

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