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Joe Biden Aides Fight Back Against Trump and Internet Memes

Joe Biden Aides Fight Back Against Trump and Internet Memes

AFP-Jiji – from the Japan Times.

The aides of Presidential hopeful Joe Biden have become the aggressors now, taking on comments from the internet MEMES (jokes that are usually used to poke fun of speech control) and the US President who is now calling Biden “low IQ” because of a tongue twister this past weekend. Apparently Mr Biden was asked a simple question about running for President and stumbled a bit – actually it was a bit rude for Trump to go on the attack as the former VP might have been jet-lagged or tired. Joe Biden remains on the sidelines as he is not official running but he has received a lot of negative press recently when he gave a false comment on history and has made some remarks that are racially charged.

Trump said, “Joe Biden got tongue tied over the weekend when he was unable to properly deliver a very simple line about his decision to run for President……get used to it, another low IQ individual!” Note that Trump has made comments like this in the past by giving people mocking nicknames and poking fun. He does this a lot to his opponents but it is the speech control authoritarian types who are the most upset about Trump because he supports the human right of free speech, and First Amendment fights.

It wasn`t that much of a mistaken or it could have been him sending us a message. He suggested that he is running, then changed his comment to “anybody would would run” to walk it back a bit. This is not, in our mind, a mistake at all. Some of the aides for Mr Biden have recently said that alt-right jokers have been trolling the former VP. The recent comments from some of the new members in Congress saying that Biden held her head and kissed her on the back of the head was problematic. The 76 year old Biden has been a bit erratic recently because he has made some racially charges comments. Ms Florwes has written about this issue with Biden and said that she thinks he should not run for President.

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