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Japanese University Rankings – On the Decline?

Japanese University Rankings - On the Decline?

The rise of China has given Chinese university rankings a boost, just as some of the top Japanese universities have stated to fall. The World University rankings published by the Times Higher Education, shows these changes from last years release. 

Among the Global Top 100, the highest ranking by an Asian university was the 22nd position, Tsinghua University of China. This 22nd place puts it one place above the National University of Singapore which came in at 23rd, and was the highest ranked Asian university for 5 years running. Of the top 100, there were 10 universities represented, two from South Korea, two from Singapore and six from China. Japan ranked two as the University of Tokyo was 42nd and Kyoto University was 65th with no names between 100 and 200. Tokyo Institute of Technology was 125th, while Osaka University was 125th, while Osaka University was 144th, and Tohoku University was ranked at 150th – all at these levels in 2013, but fell out of the top 200 in recent years. 

Japanese universities have faded from this list as China has moved up visibly in the rankings, catching the eye of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who stated that he will move 10 Japanese universities through major reform, into the Top 100 rankings within 10 years. Mr Abe has put the educational system at the core of economic growth strategy for the future of Japan as a nation. He is truly committed. 

China said it is committed to have 10 Chinese universities in the Top 100 by the early 2020s. The growing performance gap between Chinese and Japanese is attributed to the number of Chinese grad students studying in top US schools. Another key factor is the number of papers written and published in English by professors and lecturers in Chinese universities, far out producing their Japanese counterparts by a wide margin in the past 5 years. 

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