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Japan – Women in Tokyo Politics Can Teach the West

Japan - Women in Tokyo Politics Can Teach the West 1

A total of 104 women or 28.1% of the candidates for the House of Councillors for the upcoming election which kicked off here in Tokyo on Thursday. The political party, the Japanese Communist Party is fielding the most at 22 women. This would represent about 55% of  total candidates running. Still, compared to other countries the ratio of female legislatures is low, but the new laws in Japan force parties to make an effort to field more female candidates and set targets or quotas to ensure that political participation increases. Before the start of the upper house election campaign, there was already a post WWII high of 20.9 percent of the seats belonging to women in the upper house. The government has a goal of increasing the candidates for both houses, the House of Representatives and the upper house, to 30 percent as a total for female candidates by 2020.

Our View: We see the Japanese people as living in an old culture that is adjusting to the norms of 2019, thus allowing women better access to education, employment and of course to representation in government. Clearly Japan is working to make changes. However, we have noticed that the Japanese approach this issue differently than Europe and the US.

We encourage you to read how women in Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Japan, South Korea, China and other nations view 1. education and 2. the advancement of women — we can all learn. They are great partners to men. 

There is a very civilized movement in Japan, South Korea, China, Myanmar, as well as India, Nigeria, Morocco and Ghana – we visit these countries and speak to the people – and notice that women and men have share a view to build a better society. Despite being far advanced in rights for women, some nations in the West have turned the rights movement into a movement to hate men, calling them “evil” with a view to tear down society. 

Most women in the US, UK, Germany do understand that they should partner with men but it seems that the more radical voices now rule the center. Japanese  women are very well educated, well traveled and self-aware so they surely do have the right to vote – maybe other women of other nations in the West (US, UK, Canada), can learn from Japanese, Korean, Nigerian, and Chinese women. 



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