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Japan Tech – More Robots, Fewer Immigrants

Japan Tech - More Robots, Fewer Immigrants

Robots can now do laundry and take care of the elderly, need for selective immigrant policy. 

The Japanese automakers are some of the biggest on the planet, and they are reaching out to build robots and other systems that are going to take them into 2020 and beyond. Toyota is now using 5G technology to control robots without wires – a concept that will change the future of cars as well as other aspects of our lives. The tech sector continues to build and expand and Toyota is among the top firms that is focusing on robots, one named T-HR3, a humanoid version that is eye catching. The T-HR3 appears on Youtube and performs a range of motions, in some cases moves in a fluid motion as it is directed by a controller. These robots can now perform a multitude of tasks that humans can do. One can even ice skate with relative ease.

The 5G version of this robot, a system that was developed in a partnership with Japanese mobile carrier NTT Docomo, can be controlled from a location of about 10 kilometers- a remote location unseen by those in contact with the robot. The goal is to utilize robots that can be safely used to support human activities in a variety of circumstances, such as home care for the elderly and other related areas of life.

With the aging society, Japanese corporations are now exploring new uses for robots. Imagine robots replacing foreign workers that are coming to Japan. In the next 5 years, over 350,000 workers are planned to arrive from overseas to support several Japanese industries. One industry, caring for the elderly will need these temporary workers but in the end, robots will reduce their usefulness.

We at Classiarius have featured articles on robots and other future technologies – one recent article showed a robot that can do laundry. This sounds like a task that is not that interesting, but it will change Japanese society. However, PM Abe of Japan wants to grow the economy by adding women to the labor force. This type of new technology would give Abe a boost and of course the Japanese housewife who surely runs into challenges when trying to move from the home to the office.

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