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Japan Tech – Fujitsu Imaging Technology in Quake-damaged Castle

Japan Tech - Fujitsu Imaging Technology in Quake-damaged Castle

One of the top tech firms in Japan, Fujitsu Ltd says it is developing image-based technology that will help workers restore an ancient castle and other damaged buildings in much faster time. The technology will surely see strong  demand in Japan as the entire country is plagued by earthquakes and there are 200 to 1,000 year old structures from Kyushu (the southern island) to Hokkaido (the northern-most island), two of the four core islands in the island chain. The castle in question is Kumamoto Castle which is undergoing extensive repairs after two strong earthquakes damaged its main structures in southwestern Japan in April 2016.

This castle is a core feature in Kumamoto Prefecture and is visited by thousands of tourists each year. It was constructed in 1607, the current restoration will take about 20 years, as 30,000 stones must be embedded back into the foundation and walls. 

The new Fujitsu technology would allow workers to replace about 100 stones per day versus the traditional method of only a hand full of stones replaced. Not that an earthquake damaged Komae Castle in Fukushima Prefecture which is the area of the great 2011 earthquake that knocked out nuclear reactors and entire towns. More recently, the torrential rains last year in 2018 damaged the walls of another castle in Kagawa Prefecture. 

We must keep in mind that these castles and other historic sites are actually cash generators as tourism has spiked in Japan since 2018 from China, South Korea, and other parts of Asia. With the Fujitsu technology, these historic landmarks will be repaired and reinstated in record time in the future. 

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