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Japan Tech – Electronic Health Check in Mirror – Revolutionary Technology

Japan Tech - Electronic Health Check in Mirror - Revolutionary Technology

From the Japan Today,  Kaoru Kubono

AGC is a company in Japan, formerly Asahi Glass Company Ltd., which has developed a mirror with a built-in computer and a display that can help you work on healthy needs. This new technology will be in production starting in April of 2019. The new name for this mirror is Mirrorge which uses cameras and sensors, it can estimate health conditions based on heart rate, blood pressure and even observe facial expressions for daily health checks and management.

We use the word check in a mild form here. The Printed Circuit Board or the PCB will be hooked up to the mirror and cameras for facial authentication and a module that emits microwaves for non contact detection which are connected to the PCB. 

The mirror will be able to, via noncontact means, detect and measure a heart rate and blood pressure – this is revolutionary. There are other applications that can be installed that can measure other bodily functions. The facial authentication using cameras can record the data and keep records of physical conditions of individuals and stores the data on a cloud server via a Wi-Fi connection. 

The mirror can be a washstand size in the home or office and the government wants to make it easier for the firms or offices to allow the firm to manage the physical conditions of the employee. The Japanese government is behind this system as there are some Japanese who are overworked and have died on worksites due to exhaustion. The uses for this new system are unlimited as one can just look in the mirror to see just how healthy one is today and every day. 

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