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Japan Prepares for 2019 – A Busy Schedule G20, Elections and More

Japan Prepares for 2019 - A Busy Schedule G20, Elections and More

Here in Japan we have a very busy 2019 and 2020 with the G20, the abdication by Emperor Akihito, the World Cup of Ruby, elections and the upcoming Olympics. Japan is now enjoying a massive tourist boom with over 30 million visitors visiting the country in 2018 alone and expectations of 40 million coming in 2020. Japan is popular and very busy.

In April of 2019 there will be nationwide local elections followed by the abdication of the Emperor and in late June, Japan will host the G20 in Osaka, its second largest city. This meeting is important as Japan is taking on a leadership position in Asia and at the same time is trying to build relationships with other countries in the region. In fact, Japan has reworked the TPP trade group and again, is making its market on the leadership position in the Asia Pacific Region.

Prime Minister Abe is now working to change the post-WWII Constitution to give Japan a position in the world order, allowing it to take a leadership position. The Constitutional Amendment will require the that Mr Abe dissolve the Lower House and hold elections for the Upper House. The rationale is that surviving the Upper House election with the current two-thirds “super-majority” would allow the Constitutional Amendment to take place before leaves office. This double election has been talked about before. 

Of course there needs to be a election called before October of 2019 as there is an expected tax hike – elections before tax hikes tend to be more successful, and Mr Abe knows this.

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