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Japan – Pranks Played in Female Activists in Tokyo – No Outrage

Japan - Pranks Played in Female Activists in Tokyo - No Outrage

Japanese female activists are being rewarded with gifts from all over the country. Unsolicited packages of women’s underwear, cosmetics and other items are now flooding the homes of anti-discrimination activists, and there are signs that it might be one sexist man in western Japan. Of all the victims only one is male while 13 women are still receiving packages that, I some cases, request that these women pay on delivery.

However, they have not ordered any of these items – so the cash on delivery is a serious problem. The price of these items, in what is turning out to be an expensive prank, is between 1,000 yen and 30,000 yen or about $9 to $268.

Although victims work in different areas, the Kanto region, Kyushu region, and the United States, they realized last autumn that via social networking sites, that they are being harassed, this was discovered when these victims started sharing information. 

Some examples are cosmetics being sent to the Chair of the Kyoto chapter of the New Japan Women’s Association. Some of these products are arriving at homes and family members are paying for them – pay on arrival – however the person who it is addressed to comes home to find out that it was an elaborate prank. Some women have been mailed ladies undergarments as these pranks have recently revealed. 

There are handwriting experts involved now as the local police department is hot on the trail of these pranksters.

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