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Japan – Nuclear Weapons and North Korea

Japan - Nuclear Weapons and North Korea

Since WWII, Japan has rejected the use of nuclear weapons, being the only country in history that has been attacked by these horrific weapons. Japan would not even let US ships carrying nuclear weapons into its harbors and ports – when suspected to be carrying, thousands protested until it sailed. However, the discussion now about nuclear weapons is the North Korea factor.

Former US national security adviser H.R. McMaster said that the United States cannot accept North Korea having such weapons because it would put Japan into a position that forces it to consider weapons to protect itself. In this article in the Financial Times, retried veteran McMaster said, “I do think that we are on a path that, if we were unable to alter it, that it was on a path to conflict.”

He went on to say that the US and her allies, Japan and South Korea, are prepared for the worst. Over a period of five days earlier this month, North Korea conducted two launches of short-range missile. According to the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation studies North Korea Missile Test Database, Pyongyang conducted a total of 22 missile launches in 2017.

It also has fired intermediate-range Hwasong-12 missiles which flew over Hokkaido in August and September of that same year. North Korea was talking with President Trump but it seems that these talks have gone cold – at least for now. Japan does not want missiles but the fear is that missile and nuclear weapons directed at Japan might make this island nation nervous. More on this topic in the coming months. 

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