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Japan Has a Sophisticated Approach to #Metoo

Japan Has a Sophisticated Approach to #Metoo 1

The Japanese Ministry of Justice has increased its activity in sexual harassment incidents after women are speaking up since the #Metoo spread around the globe. Women now feel more confident in Japan, a country in which speaking out in public in many cases is frowned upon. And many Japanese women approach this issue from a individual rights standpoint, demanding justice as a person, never a group.

The number of sexual harassment-related complaints filed with the ministry totaled 1,413 cases in the most recent reporting year. There were 410 cases in which the ministry felt labor standards inspection officers were appropriate and follow up within companies was enacted. 

Note that in 2018, the ministry started procedures for a total of 19,063 human rights violations, down 2.4 percent. The ministry said the sexual harassment cases were up 35.3 precent, as reported, from a year earlier.

This was likely not a result of increased harassment but the growing feeling that Japanese women can come forward and report cases that should be reviewed. 

It is important to note that the Japanese legal system does not take hoax reports as valid claims. So as the Justice Ministry starts remedial proceeders for true cases of human rights violations, they make it clear that false accusations and hoaxes will not be tolerated and those involved could be prosecuted. 

More importantly, the structure of the Japanese system, strongly driven by a sophisticated culture of highly educated people, makes it difficult for frauds and hoaxes to take place. The Japanese do their homework so they will be well read, and updated on anything introduced to their society.

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