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Japan Fukushima Earthquake – Still People Fear Food

Japan Fukushima Earthquake - Still People Fear Food

Japanese city-dwellers are still concerned and hesitant about buying food from that disaster-hit Fukushima area in eastern Japan that knocked out nuclear reactors in March 2011. The survey, according to the Japan Times, was held for the 12th time, conducted last month with 5,176 people participating between the ages from their 20s and to their 60s.

The triple meltdown at the Fukushima No 1 nuclear plant was operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. Despite the fear of buying goods from the affected area, the number of people said to be holding back from purchases have been in decline since the fourth survey which was conducted in 2014.

Now despite only 12.5 percent of city-dwellers being hesitant about buying food, a record high of 44.8 percent of those responding said that they did not know if tests for radioactive substances are being conducted. This if a record high. The online survey which was first conducted in February 2013, which was less than two years after the March 2011 earthquake. There have been efforts by the government that promotes food from that area in Japan to reintroduce quality food to the Japanese people.

Clearly the number of people who are now more comfortable with the produce from the area is increasing. Many of the younger members of society seem open to what they believe and what many of us do believe is safe food. There has been efforts to improve even the soil in the Fukushima area.

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