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Japan Defense Plans – Multidimensional Defense, Aircraft Carriers and F35s

Japan Defense Plans - Multidimensional Defense, Aircraft Carriers and F35s

Japan has been  peaceful and economic powerhouse since the end of WWII, contributing funds to the development of new economies across Asia and Africa. However, Japan has become more concerned, actually articulating “strong concern” of the increase in Chinese military activities in the South China Sea and even near Japanese territory. It is not surprising that Japan is increasing its military budget – over 5 years – to 27 trillion yen. A simple calculation will shock you as 1 trillion yen is equity to about 8,900,000,000 or 8.9 billion US dollars. Japan is rearming to protect itself with several hundred billion dollars. 

The idea of projecting power is part of protecting ones territory so the Izumo-class helicopter carriers that will be refitted to use the F-35B fighter jets that Japan will employ as they can take off vertically or on a short runway. In addition to this new ability to project power, Japan will employ the use of cyber and other space weapons to protect itself and its island chain. Japan seems to be committed to working on space weapons and of course, as it was in the 1980s, a leader in this technology. Keep in mind that Japan was a component maker for satellites in the 1980s, a world that has faded, at least for now. The Japanese government now says that it has, according to the core of its Constitution, only interest in defensive weapons, and has no interest in offensive capabilities. 

The increasing need for ground, maritime and air units to act flexibly across all kinds of domains is not enough. Japan aims to be a leader in space and cybersecurity in the coming decade. 

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