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Japan and North Korea Tensions – Abduction Issues

Japan and North Korea Tensions - Abduction Issues

Japanese citizens were abducted back in the 1970s and 1980s along the coast of the Sea of Japan by North Korean spies. This fact is well documented as we have seen several of these abducted Japanese citizens return to tell their stories. However, there are still several who are unaccounted for, some who were said to have died or disappeared. Many Japanese still want answers. 

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has made several presentations in the Diet and has made it clear that he has spoken to Trump and has requested that this issue be raised again with Kim Jong Un – it seems Mr Abe has a solution to the abductee issue. The solution is still unclear but some seem to think that Japan is willing to make generous proposals to Kim Jong Un and the North Korean people to find a solution to this issue that has carried on for decades. 

Keep in mind that Japan seems to be removed from the table with regards to North Korea. Also, it has become clear that relations with South Korea has been tense on a military level and on a personal level as some South Korean leaders have made comments about the Japanese Emperor. 

With the total number of 17 being the proved abducted citizens of Japan, only five have made it home. Japan feels that the number is much higher than 17, as many Japanese citizens in on the Sea of Japan, the North Korean side of the country, have gone missing. In 2002, several had returned to Japan while 8 had died. 

PM Abe has requested a face-to-face meeting with Kim Jong Un, but that meeting specifically about abductees has not taken place as yet. One would hope that  the Japanese who are still unaccounted for and ones that were seen briefly in North Korea back in the 1990s, would finally find closure as their families lost them as teenagers and only heard or have seen pictures of them in North Korea. 

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