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Japan – A Place for Student Entrepreneurs

Japan - A Place for Student Entrepreneurs

The Yomiuri Shimbun (newpaper) in Tokyo reported that the Japanese government will allow eligible students a 1-year visa extension, one earmarked for students who want to stay in Japan and start a business. This program is designed to help young students from overseas to share well-thought-out ideas and to advance their views. We at Classiarius like this idea and see it as a win-win proposition as Japanese corporates are now investing in startups around the world.

Bringing young entrepreneurs to Japan is a brilliant idea. There will be national and local government input and support. We welcome this new wave of student-entrepreneur and feel the that it will surely give a boost to Japanese industry. 

If these students start a business they can have access to an office and receiver a “business manager” visa. This means that they will need ¥5 million in capital or have two employees, besides managers and supervisors. So it is clear that they have an incentive to make things happen – to start successful businesses. 

The genius of this system allows young overseas students to start businesses here that can thrive internationally and allow these young entrepreneurs to start businesses with their home countries – linking Japan with the world. 

Over the next five years, the revised Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law that was enacted on December 8, will allow overseas workers to come to Japan. This law will ensure that 345,150 workers are processed over  the next five years.

The student entrepreneurs are, of course, different from overseas workers who will be forced on helping in labor shortages. So it is now clear that Japan will take a wide variety of workers and potential managers (those building their own businesses) in the coming decade. We at Classiarius believe that over the next 10 years, Japan will change in a well managed way. 



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