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Jamie Dimon – Geopolitical Views, Economy

Jamie Dimon - Geopolitical Views, Economy

JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, sounded out the alarm on CNBC, pointing to his assessment that “geopolitical issues bursting all over the place” and could negatively impact US economic growth. Of course, higher interest rates will be part of this assessment on economic outlook, and we tend to agree. We have pointed out the ongoing decisions by the United States to get out of the global management business, and the impact that this US pullout could have as local players manage their own security.

Imagine Saudi Arabia and Iran managing their backyard when the US has gone.  The world is moving into a period of chaos, one in which Japan, Turkey, China, France and the UK are all building more powerful Navies. Again, all these counties are preparing for chaos. 

As Mr Dimon points out that the world of uncertainty is going to dominate the geopolitical landscape in the future. Despite the economy being strong and expanding, Mr Dimon points out that although higher rates in a stronger economy is good, these rates could eventually put an end to the decade-long economic expansion. 

Mr Dimon also named the Brexit, China trade tensions and unwinding of bond-purchasing programs by central banks as other factors that could impact growth, In short, if markets do move higher, they will climb a wall or worry. 

We at Classiarius will be producing articles and videos that are focused geopolitics, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. More to come. 

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