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Iran – US Admiral Says Allies to do the Heavy Lifting, Strait of Hormuz

Iran - US Admiral Says Allies to do the Heavy Lifting, Strait of Hormuz

The US Navy is now on a protection mission but not on this mission alone in the Strait of Hormuz. The US will focus on American shipping with the regional partners shouldering the responsibilities in the region, according to a Navy admiral. The mission, known as Operation Sentinel, is going to be 80 or 90 percent coalition effort and a much smaller US effort to which is primarily focused on intelligence support. The region is still “hot” and there are growing concerns that the US and Iran might accidentally escalate the situation while others stand by and watch. The US is now said to be very thin on the ground and in the area while Japan and other countries such as Saudi Arabia have been lending support. This piece was sourced from a piece by Russ Read and our own notes.

We have focused on some pieces by the Washington Examiner to source information. We feel that the ultimate goal is the US sitting down with Iran and discussing the nuclear future of Iran and the region. If the US can get a diplomatic or political solution on the table, the Strait of Hormuz will become  hub for economic growth and commerce with oil flowing uninterrupted to the world. Iran has been building missiles and enriching fuel for what the west says will be for weapons. Iran of course, denies this claim. 



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