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Iran, the United States and Saudi Arabia – Growing Concerns

Iran, the United States and Saudi Arabia - Growing Concerns

The threat is real. While many on Capitol Hill are still asking the White House to explain the sudden escalation with Iran, fear is spreading around the Middle East as Iran has few options. The current inflation rate is 40% while Iran is seeing its oil exports fading – 2.4 million barrels per day fell to 1.4 million barrels per day and according to sources is still falling, and falling fast.

The US has asked eight countries that are importing oil from Iran to stop as the focus is to get Iranian crude exports to reach the magic number – zero.  The State Department ordered non-emergency government employees out of Iraq due to the increased threats from Iran. In a closed door discussion, Democrats were warned by Speaker Nancy Pelosi that they should oppose any armed conflict with Iran – in short, oppose the White House on this issue.

The Speaker reminded the national that Congress has the right and duty to be involved in any decisions regarding the declaration of war, according to the Constitution of the United States. While the alarm bells are going off in Washington DC, and they should, the US evacuation of non-emergency staff in the Embassy of the United States in Baghdad and the Consulate in Erbil is said to protect the interests and safety of US citizens and assets in the region.

The US is now, according to sources, building a weapons complex in Saudi Arabia – so this issue is not just a US-Iran problem. More on this topic in the coming days and weeks.

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